Digital Forensic Incident Responding

Welcome to Mashfrog Industrial Guard's cutting-edge DFIR (Digital Forensic Incident Response) service, designed to address cybersecurity incidents head-on in ICS/OT infrastructure. With a focus on identification, collection, analysis and response, our service guarantees expert management of any cybersecurity incident that may affect your organization. Let's explore its key features:

Evidence Collection

We meticulously gather relevant digital evidence linked to security incidents. This includes preserving event logs, log files, network captures, and any other critical information essential for forensic investigations.

Forensic Analysis

Our experts conduct comprehensive forensic analysis to uncover the root cause of security incidents in industrial control systems and OT infrastructure.

Through meticulous malware analysis, tracking of attacker activities, event reconstruction, and incident impact assessment, we provide unparalleled insights

Incident Response

With Mashfrog at your side, we coordinate and execute a robust response to security incidents in your ICS/OT systems.

From incident containment and threat elimination to the restoration of compromised systems, we ensure swift action while implementing additional security measures to prevent future incidents.

Investigation and Reporting

We conduct detailed investigations into security incidents, delivering technical and executive reports that delve into findings, incident scope, mitigation recommendations, and lessons learned.

These reports empower your organization to gain a deeper understanding of incidents and strengthen your security posture.

With Mashfrog Industrial Guard's DFIR service, organizations gain access to specialized expertise and capabilities in incident response and forensics specifically tailored for OT environments. This empowers you to swiftly identify and effectively respond to security incidents, minimizing their impact on your operations while safeguarding the integrity of critical OT systems.

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