Digital Guarding: SIEM as a Service & SOC OT

Introducing Mashfrog Industrial Guard's expert digital threat guarding services, designed to provide comprehensive protection of the technical infrastructure related to industrial environments (ICS/OT) against cyber threats.
Our Digital Guarding service combines the expert knowledge of our professionals with the most advanced cybersecurity technology, our state-of-the-art security platform, Phalanx, based on ELK Technology, to offer our advanced industrial security operations service (SOC ICS/OT) to create an excelling cybersecurity technical building Use Cases based in MITRE ATT&CK matrix
Let's explore the key features and activities

SIEM platform implementation

Responsible for the installation and configuration of the data collectors for the SIEM in the organization's OT environments. Includes the integration of ICS/OT systems & devices into our SIEM to collect security relevant data.

Our customers do not need to invest in having their own SIEM, leveraging in our SIEM technology as a Service.ces, we detect and identify potential threats or malicious activities in real-time,

Event collection and correlation

SIEM platform collects and centralizes event logs and safety data from industrial control systems and ICS/OT infrastructure. It uses correlation techniques and advanced analytics to identify patterns, anomalies and potential security threats.

Real-time monitoring and alerting

Mashfrog continuously monitors events and activities in OT systems through the SIEM platform. Customized rules and policies are established to detect suspicious or malicious activity.

When a potential threat is identified, real-time alerts are generated so that security personnel can investigate and respond in a timely manner.

Security Analysis and Threat Detection

Mashfrog performs security analysis using the SIEM platform to identify patterns of malicious behavior, anomalies or indicators of compromise in ICS/OT systems, based in MITRE ATT&CK matrix. Advanced techniques, such as behavioral analysis and known threat detection, are used to identify potential security incidents.

Reporting and Compliance

SIEM as a Service includes security and compliance reporting. This involves the creation of customized reports that provide a detailed view of security activity, detected events, threat trends and compliance with relevant regulations.

Incident Response

In the event of security incidents, we provide incident response and management services.

Our experts conduct thorough forensic investigations, mitigate attacks, and assist in the recovery of compromised systems, minimizing disruptions to your industrial operations.

Incident Identification and Notification

Our proactive monitoring diligently scans industrial control systems and OT infrastructure, swiftly detecting signs of security incidents.

Whether it's suspicious activity, anomalous behavior, or intrusion attempts, we promptly notify and alert your organization, enabling swift action.

SIEM as a Service helps organizations have enhanced visibility and control over the security of their industrial control systems and OT infrastructure. By using a SIEM platform and leveraging the expertise of a specialized service provider, organizations can quickly detect and respond to security threats, improve operational efficiency and comply with applicable regulatory requirements.

SOC OT Services

The OT SOC provides different levels of support, which include:

  • L1

    Level 1

    Initial Monitoring and Detection: At this level, continuous monitoring of industrial control systems and OT infrastructure is performed. L1 security analysts analyze events and alerts generated by security tools, perform a preliminary assessment and carry out initial response actions.

  • L2

    Level 2

    Advanced Analysis and Response: At this level, L2 analysts perform deeper analysis of events and alerts. They perform more detailed investigations of detected incidents, determine root cause, assess impact, and take appropriate response actions to contain and mitigate incidents.

  • L3

    Level 3

    Complex investigation and resolution: At this level, there are highly specialized security analysts and OT incident experts. The L3 is responsible for investigating complex incidents, performing advanced forensic analysis, coordinating with internal and external teams, and taking action to resolve critical security incidents in OT environments.

The different levels of OT SOC support ensure a tiered and efficient response to security incidents. As incidents become more complex, additional resources and expertise are allocated to ensure proper resolution. This enables organizations to have a dedicated and skilled security team to protect critical OT systems and mitigate security threats.

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