ICS/OT Risk Management
Advisory Services

At Mashfrog Industrial Guard, we provide a unique value proposition to our clients by offering an initial consultancy stage focused on understanding their ICS/OT technological infrastructure. This allows us to identify different risk scenarios stemming from configuration, architecture, operations, and client policies.

Exposure to Risk

We help clients realize the potential risks associated with their technological infrastructure.

These risks can arise from technological obsolescence, third-party dependencies, infrastructure configuration and management, existing vulnerabilities, and the ever-present threat landscape.

In-Depth Assessment

By analyzing and comprehending the client's infrastructure, we can highlight the risks they face.
Our expertise allows us to provide an impartial and independent assessment, ensuring clients gain insights into their risk levels, the origins of those risks, and their criticality.

The assessement is in line with highest international cybersecurity standards ISA/IEC 62443, NIST SP 800-82 or ANSI/ISA-99.

Risk Identification and Prioritization

We identify and catalog the risks found in the client's technological infrastructure, presenting them in a clear and understandable manner.

Our reports prioritize risks based on probability and potential impact, providing clients with actionable insights

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    Real Exposure Assessment

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of your risk landscape. We provide an accurate picture of your vulnerabilities, weaknesses, current threats, and cyber risks. Pinpointing the sources of risks, we shed light on vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your infrastructure. Leveraging advanced tools and real-time infrastructure monitoring, we assess obsolescence, identify hidden vulnerabilities, and uncover critical aspects. Receive a comprehensive list of risks, ranked by probability and severity.

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    Basic Risk Mitigation Plan

    Based on the prioritized risk map, we guide clients on managing and mitigating each risk. Our recommendations aim to reduce the criticality of risks and minimize the potential for damage

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    Customized Action Plan

    In addition to the basic action plan, we offer detailed proposals that encompass technological aspects, cost estimates, and timelines for each recommended action. Unlike traditional consultancy services, we go beyond risk identification. We provide a tailored action plan to mitigate and eliminate risks, outlining containment and resolution measures. This provides clients with a comprehensive tool for budgeting and strategic planning.

By partnering with Mashfrog Industrial Guard, clients gain a clear and up-to-date assessment of their exposure to cyber threats. We equip them with actionable insights, prioritized risks, and practical plans for minimizing risk levels. Secure your industrial infrastructure today with our comprehensive risk assessment services.

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